Friday, March 9, 2012

Foiled by the probate court

Well, after more than $1,000 and months of working and waiting, the probate court denied my petition to access my original birth certificate. Can't say I'm surprised but I am surprised at how much rage it surfaced in me. The judge cited expectations of confidentiality and that I hadn't shown sufficient cause. Amazing to think that another citizen's potential wishes trump my birthright. Ohio makes me so mad sometimes.

For other adoptees considering the same route, please note that contrary to the advice given me by the probate court clerk, you do not have to hire an attorney (apparently neither the clerk nor my attorney was really up on that little tidbit). I'd say save yourself the money and make a stab at it yourself. You'll likely be just as disappointed with the outcome, but you'll save over $1,000.

I now think we're all just better off fighting even harder, making phone calls and actually visiting with legislators - imploring them to sponsor a bill to restore adult adoptee rights.

I'm mad as hell and should probably refrain from writing more at this point.